Muñeca de la casa de la pradera

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4 comentarios en “Muñeca de la casa de la pradera

  1. All your dolls are so gorgeous. I am from U.K and I can not find these patterns. I just want to make the for my grand children and family. Please could you tell me where I can buy the pattern. I do not speak your language but I am sure I can work through it. I have asked others but they do not answer me. I am hoping you will be different. Thank You very much for reading.xx

  2. Hi Pepa your dolls are very cute. Are their patterns? How did you do their hair? Did you purchase wigs? Keepup your work they are darling. I like to make dolls too. I have a pattern for very small dolls I hope to work on soon. She looks like Strawberry shortcake dolls popular 35 years ago. I live in Michigan USA Janie

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